Automatic paper bag machine three common troubleshooting methods

The paper bag machine is a machine that takes a printed sheet of paper or laminated paper and automatically sucks up the paper, glues it into shape, creases it, glues the bottom and outputs it according to the required size, completing the production of paper bags in one go.

What are the features of square bottom paper bag machine

The square bottom paper bag machine is one of the paper bag machines, which is commonly used in our daily life. It is very high, which is in line with the characteristics of modern machinery and equipment, and can better protect the rights and interests.

What Was the Paper Bag Machine used for?

These are just a few examples of the diverse application areas where automated paper bag machines are utilized to meet the packaging needs of different industries and sectors.

Daily use of paper bag machine precautions

Paper bag machine for the production of environmentally friendly paper bags, in all walks of life are used, fully automatic paper bag machine in the set up directly after the material can be automatically put to produce paper bags, after the production is completed to send inspection.

The operation principle of paper bag machine and common maintenance problems of paper bag machine

The paper bag machine is suitable for mass production of paper environmental protection shopping bags in food and garment industries, its working principle is: the tote machine will roll the rope and paper rolls into tote, through the conveyor system to send the tote to the unit, and then the origin...

Attention points for daily operation of portable bag making machine

1. The bag making machine always develops a good habit of checking whether the temperature self-control is intact, the heating appliances are intact, and paying attention to timely adjusting the heating temperature of each point within the index range; if there is any abnormality, it should be resol...

What advantages does the pointed bottom paper bag machine bring to food packaging?

The development of digital printing technology gives food packaging more possibilities. Kraft paper is often used when customizing food packaging bags. Different pointed bottom paper bags will be customized according to the food use of the paper bag and the weight of the packaging to meet the needs ...

Types and application knowledge of square bottom paper bag machine

1. LSB series square bottom models can be used as paper bags with M sides and rectangular bottoms. The bottoms can be made of splayed bottoms and flat bottoms. Cutting can be tooth-cut or flat-cut, and the bag mouth can also be cut with thumb buttons.

Types of pointed bottom paper bag machines and application knowledge

1. There are two types of pointed bottom paper bag machines, one is LMD series (interrupt type) model, and the other is LSD series (point break type) model.

About the development prospects of environmentally friendly paper bags

Our country issued the "Plastic Restriction Order" on June 1, 2008, prohibiting the production and sale of plastic bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm. Reuse to reduce white pollution.

What are the characteristics of the square bottom paper bag machine

The square bottom paper bag machine is one of the paper bag machines, which is commonly used in our daily life. It is very high, which is in line with the characteristics of modern machinery and equipment, and can better protect the rights and interests.

Problems in flexible letterpress printing

1. Adhesion problems. The adhesion is not good, and the ink film is easily peeled off after rubbing. Requires careful selection of resin, use of ink with better adhesion, do not adjust the ink to be used too thinly, or cover the surface of the printed product with protective varnish to meet more and...


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Paper bag machine production of various types of paper bags introduced

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LSB-200 web side of the paper bag machine video broadcast

Ryan Lilin Machinery LSB-200 Paper Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine is the primary color or printed web through the coated plastic, folded into a tube, cut off the paper tube, the bottom of the fold, the bottom of the plastic, the bottom molding, the finished product Bag output once completed.

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