Attention points for daily operation of portable bag making machine

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1. The bag making machine always develops a good habit of checking whether the temperature self-control is intact, the heating appliances are intact, and paying attention to timely adjusting the heating temperature of each point within the index range; if there is any abnormality, it should be resolved in time.

2. Check the pulling speed and control the thickness of the film; ensure that there is no deviation in the production process and improve the quality as much as possible.

3. Regularly check the temperature rise and mechanical transmission of each operating motor. It is recommended to record the data. Recording the data can provide help for future operations.



4. Observe whether the thickness of the film is uniform, whether the folding diameter meets the standard, and whether there is any deviation in the width of the blown film; and make appropriate adjustments.

5. Check and control the pressure of the air storage cylinder. It should not be too high, but there should be backup pressure.

6. Keep the ratio of raw materials and mix them evenly, and reject the operation of unbalanced ratios; when producing pure raw materials, check and classify them well, so as not to affect the quality due to unevenness. Check whether there is any impurity in the raw material. When there is metal foreign matter mixed in, use the magnet to forcibly absorb the mixed material in time. If necessary, stop the machine for inspection and take it out at the first time to prevent damage to the machine and affect the operation.

7. Check the lubricating oil of the reduction box position and air compressor cylinder of the bag making machine, and ensure that the lubricating oil is sufficient when starting up the machine


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