The operation principle of paper bag machine and common maintenance problems of paper bag machine

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What is the operation principle of paper bag machine

The paper bag machine is suitable for mass production of paper environmental protection shopping bags in food and garment industries, its working principle is: the tote machine will roll the rope and paper rolls into tote, through the conveyor system to send the tote to the unit, and then the original color or printed paper rolls for the paper rope position pre-point break, patch position glue, automatically paste the tote, and then the host will paste the paper with the tote for edge glue, tube, cutting, creasing, bottom The whole process is completed synchronously at one time.

LSB-450XLD+TP 全自动打孔手提纸袋机

The paper bag machine common failures.

1, flat machine cold cutting knife cut constantly
The reason may be unfavorable knife, need to re-sharpen the knife; or knife slider used for a long time, wear and tear gaps, resulting in knife imbalance, the need to adjust the balance of the upper and lower knife.
2, the size of paper bags of different lengths
Flat machine if cut three or more will lead to this phenomenon, the solution is to pad the film after the rubber roller, so that it can be balanced with other materials.
3、Sealing and throwing - sealing good and not good enough on one side
Generally is the reason why the aluminum pressure roller is not well adjusted, the aluminum pressure roller needs to be adjusted to seal both sides of the pressure to get, otherwise the above situation will arise.
4、Side sealing machine cut self-adhesive strip often stick to the conveyor belt
Self-adhesive strip misalignment, sticky to the conveyor belt, the need to correct the edge of the machine behind the self-adhesive bit debugging, the edge of the electric eye must be placed in the self-adhesive bit of edge correction, to prevent running.
5. Side sealing machine cut out the finished product length is not the same
The reason is that the pressure spring is not pressed tightly enough to cause the rubber roller to slip, or the back of the clipboard clip is too tight, debug to the right position.
6. Flat paper bag machine in front of the cold cutting knife blocking material
Paper bag over the electronic too strong, the solution with a rubber band to a small piece of cardboard attached to the knife beam on the screw, so cut out the paper bag at the same time out of the paper bag card down.
7, printing bag feeding is not smooth, the electric eye is not sensitive enough
First check whether the electric eye has been used correctly, the general situation of the electric eye is if the paper bag is single-color with blue, heavy color with red, red can be used for single-color, heavy color, edge-correction machine under the electric eye of the roller is to spray color, if the paper bag color single and heavier then you need a white background.



The paper bag machine maintenance methods


Maintaining a paper bag machine involves regular inspections, cleaning, lubrication, adjustments, and replacement of wear parts to ensure optimal performance and longevity. 
Operators should conduct routine visual inspections to check for wear, damage, and loose components, paying attention to critical areas like the feeding mechanism, folding unit, glue applicator, cutting system, and electrical components. 
Keeping the machine clean by removing debris and cleaning glue tanks and rollers prevents buildup that can affect performance. Lubricating moving parts and adjusting tension settings and alignments as needed helps maintain proper operation. 
Prompt replacement of worn or damaged parts, along with regular electrical maintenance and operator training on proper operation and safety protocols, are essential. Following the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule and keeping detailed records of maintenance activities ensures minimal downtime, reduced repair costs, and consistent product quality.

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