LSB-330-F Fully Automatic Roll Fed flat rope Handle Paper Bag Machine

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This machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags with twisted handle from paper roll, paper patch roll and paper rope. YASKAWA PLC Control system imported from Japan and adjustable dual-moulds structure, ensure that the machine can perform quickly and stably, as well as reduce adjusting time for different bag sizes. Front bags collection platform and counting function, improve packing efficiency of paper bags packing. By implementing steps including handle making. handle application, tube forming, tube cutting, and bottom forming with a fully automatic process. That is especially suitable for foodstuff, clothing and luxury branding products.


1.The human-machine touch screen interface, the work condition can be shown in real- time.

2.Equipped with accurate servo motor drive, it makes the machine run steadily and efficiently.

3.Material loading and unloading adopts pneumatic or hydraulic lifting structure.

4.Automatic constant tension control system. The tension will be just right from beginning to end.

5.Double photoelectric sensor limit automatic correction control system and deviation rectification stability, energy saving, long life.

6.Thumb buttons, appressed bottom cutting device, bag type have many choices.

7.Don't stop machine adjust double bottom structure, the adjustment will become more intuitive, more simple, more time saving.

8.Glue roller air defense coating control, avoid gluing on besmear brushs hub surface directly, reduce unnecessary trouble.

9.Accurate color tracking system, automatic alarm prompt when color is wrong.

10.Adjustable forming mould structure (side sealing is above the forming mould).

11.Handle production unit, paper handle cutting and gluing are all controlled by servo motor.

Technical Parameter:



Bag Width(W)

200-330 mm

No handle(W)

120-330 mm

Bottom Size(H)

70-180 mm

Bag tube length(C)

270-410 mm

No handle(C)

270-530 mm

Bag Length(L)



180 pcs/min

Paper Thickness

60-170 gsm

Paper Roll Width

400-1050 mm

Max.Roll diameter

1200 mm

Reel inner diameter

76 mm

Handle Rope Height

100 mm

Handle Rope Width

12 mm

Paper rope spacing

78 mm

Handle Patch Length

152 mm

Handle Patch Width

40-50 mm

Patch Roll Width

80-100 mm

Patch Thickness

100-150 gsm

Total Power

30 Kw

Weight of Machine

13700 kg

Overall Dimension 

12000×5700×2500 mm


Machine speeds dependent on paper & adhesive qualities, bag dimensions, operator knowledge, and general work philosophy.

Detailing Description  

Man-machine interface touch screen
Adopt touch screen and Motion Control System, the work condition can be shown real time. Cooperate with the ultra precise double servo motor, the stability can be guaranteed.

Automatic counting system
The machine has automatic counting system. The user can set a number to count. When bag quantity meets the number, the bag will be jumped out like the picture shows.

Servo control system
Adopt Japanese original Yaskawa servo control system to realize high-speed and precise operation control.

Independent glue coating system
Independent glue coating system, the glue coating system can be run independently after the machine stops, avoiding the glue drying and not easy to clean. The glue automatic supply system will automatically supply when the glue is insufficient.

Overall electric adjustment of pressure roller
The overall electric adjustment structure of the paper handle pressing wheel, the paper handle pressing conveying and the pressing wheel are adjusted synchronously, saving the cumbersome process of separate adjustment of the paper handle pressing position and the pressing wheel position, and the adjustment position is simple and fast.

Width-adjustable paper handle conveying structure
Width-adjustable paper handle conveying structure can adjust the width according to the paper handle, which makes the paper handle more applicable.

Hot melt adhesive spray system is used to make the hand-held unit
The unit for making the handle is sprayed with hot melt glue, which makes the material paste faster and avoids the reduction of the strength of the material due to moisture after the glue is applied.
Independent servo pre-cutting system
Independent servo pre-cutting system, the pre-cutting position of the paper handle can be adjusted at will, and the pre-cutting position adjustment is very convenient and fast.

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